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Automatic Straw Collecting

Automatic straw collecting stem machine; is a machine which fills the container mounted to its back, with stems brought to the field as rows or masses as a result of reaping cereals such as barley, wheat, rye, oat, trefoil, corn etc. that are automatically collected and made hay. Mechanical drawbar with two locations on the road course and working in the fields are prepared in accordance with the provision.

Corn silage machine (single row)

Single row corn silage machine is used to make silage by shredding corn. It is and ideal choice for small and medium sized fields. The machine, which is hitched to the tractor with the 3-point hitch system, operates, without loss of power thanks to its double gearbox and it special flywhell system, allowing fuel saving to the tractor. Through the hydraulic pump coupled to the machine gearbox, the chimney and bonnet control can be controlled by the hydraulic drive.
– Easy and secure connection with 3-point suspension system.
-Self-sharpening drum mower discs.
-Feeding unit that easliy grips the corn stalks.
-Ability to easily sharpen knives in a very short time.
-Without loss of movement throught the gearboxes.

Disc Ploughs

Disc plough is mounted to tractor’s hydraulic lifting unit and universal three point linkage system. With this plough you don’t need to change the lids according to the kind of ground like in the lidded ploughs. Instead of this you can easily regulate the way and situation of the discs in the disc ploughs. There is less chance to choke in disc ploughs with seed or manure. In rocked area discs are wearied less then lidded ploughs. lidded ploughs are entering to the ground like dagger because of this there can be rolling over the stones. In disc ploughs if you penetrate in an improper time there is no muddy position in high moisture. But in the lidded plough you need less drawing power like %25 -30 then lidded plough. Chassis is made of 120 x 120 x 8 mm square profile or 6” x5 mm pipe and the type of square profile chassis you can increase the number of the discs.

Double Disc Hydraulic Horizontal Mixer Fertilizer Spreader

The double-disc fertilizer spreaders, which are manufactured as hanging (hydraulic) type, are connected to the tractor with a three-point suspension system. Spreaders can be manufactured with hydraulic control. Thanks to the hydraulic control lever, fertilizer discharge from the tractor cabin at the border ends is very easy and unnecessary fertilizer consumption is prevented by closing it quickly. Thanks to the low-speed horizontal mixer in the fertilizer tank, homogeneous fluidity is ensured without breaking and damaging the fertilizer. In this way, the fertilizer; it is distributed more homogeneously to the field and its fluidity is provided more smoothly. The manure spreading working width of the machine can reach 18-36m. There are three types of warehouse capacity as 1000-1200-1500 lt.

Electronic Dosing Fertilizer Spreader

General Introduction of the Control: The Electronic Dosing Fertilizer Spreader is an automated machine that will maximize your fertilizer spreading performance and enable you to spread homogeneously and in a controlled manner. In addition to its mechanical improvements, the device works in full harmony with your tractor thanks to its electronic support, helping to alleviate your workload in the field. The device automatically calibrates itself after you enter the product, field and tractor information you will scatter. After this calibration process, you can load the fertilizer into the machine and start the spreading process. Thanks to the automatic weighing feature of the device, you can weigh the fertilizer you want to load directly on the device without using an additional agricultural tool. Thanks to its high-speed electronic equipment, the device provides instantaneous responses to the suddenly changing tractor speed in harsh working conditions, ensuring that the spreading openings are accurate every second. With the remote control on the device, you can define the settings suitable for you and view the operations performed on the machine while scattering.

Fertilizer Spreader Between Trees

The centrifugal fertilizer spreader is connected to the tractor with the tractor three-point hitch system. The machine works from the tractor PTO shaft by means of the shaft. With the help of the adjustment arm, optional fertilization can be done. Thanks to specially designed outlets, fertilization is provided between fruit trees and vineyards. There are two types of storage capacity, 300-500 lt.

Forage Harvester

Forage harvesters are used for harvesting every kind of green fodder and grass in order to feed the animals directly or for making silage. The free floating knives on the rotor are specially designed in order to prevent the damage to the machine when they hit a hard material like stones in the field. The rotating speed of the rotor and knives create the blow needed to blow the cut grass to the trailer. The height adjustment can be easily controlled by the spring controlled adjusting pin on the chassis. There is an automatic attachment between chassis and machine in order to connect the machine to the chassis easily by the driver of the tractor.


  • Resistant and long life transmission
  • Evacuation chimney with hydraulic system that can rotate 170º
  • Cap height adjustment with hydraulic system
  • Hydraulic system cutting height adjustment
  • Connection with draw through arrow system and easy progressing feature

Hanging Type Atomizer Spraying Machine

It is connected to the tractor from 3 points by its hydraulic arms. The pressure required for spraying is provided by hydraulic membrane pumps. The pump takes its movement from the tractor PTO. A fiberglass (reinforced) or polyethylene tank is used as a spraying tank. The turbo fan on the machine provides compressed air to its surroundings with its propeller, which takes its movement from the tractor PTO.

Inter-row cultivator

The inter-row cultivator can be connected to the tractor with the three-point suspension system. The machine is ideal for hoeing beets, corn, cotton, sunflower, tobacco and vegetables that are sown raw. It saves moisture and provides complete weed control. It adapts to the hoeing depth at the same level even in hilly areas with the help of free mobile units. The inter-row cultivator does 70-80% of the work. It also saves water. It can offer multifunctional calibration for any type of installation.

Inter-row cultivator

The inter-row cultivator with milling machine is a machine which destroys the weeds existing between the rows of plants such as (corn, beetroot, sunflower, cotton, potato, tomato, pepper etc.) which are planted in the rows without damaging plants and thus ensures that plants get adequate nutrients and water from and the soil. Row spacing can be adjusted by sliding the units onto the main frames. The working depth of the units may be different depending on the products and plant space. Thanks to the optional fertilizer box and the furrow opener accessories, the fertilizer that has been dispersed during the hoeing is mixed with the soil evenly and after that this mixture is stacked towards the root of the plant.

Maize Chopper

The hydraulically mounted type maize chopper is mounted to tractor’s hydraulic lifting unit via universal three point linkage system. Therefore transportation to the field can be easily done. Maize Chopper is an economical machine powered directly by the tractor power-take-off shaft and it operates without straining the tractor with low power and low fuel depletion for long years without any problem. It is able to perform high-quality cutting even at the maximum work speed with its mowing discs that are made from special steel material with a high degree of hardness and that have the automatic grinding unit; in this way, the nutrients of the plants and the water content in the plant are preserved. A cutting plate may be placed inside the cutting mechanism in order to chop particularly dry corn particles. The silage length is determined with the help of the cutting plate that could be adjusted by means of a bolt. It blows the chopped material quickly from inside the discharge pipe towards the trailer due to its strong fan and blower wings on the fan. The discharge pipe can be directed with a remote control without tiring the user. Thanks to its foldable pipe, it easily passes even the lowest places. Mechanical components are protected against overload with the pin cutting safety device.

Multi-Purpose Mobile Thresher

Multi-purpose mobile thresher makes straw from the harvested stem and makes the stem in to straw. With the duty a help and causes a clean grain storage. Grains like wheat, barley, oat etc. And legumes like beans, broad beans, chickpeas and lentils can be chopped by chancing of just a few apparatuses. It collects the crops into its hopper if the crops must bagged you will be able to bag them and also because of its own hydraulic lifting system you can deliver crops which are collected in to a hopper to a trailer. The straw is blown to tractor pulled at the back of the Bator type multi-purpose harvester the new type has been designed on the base of working in mobile conditions while it is chopping the product has the ability of delivering the cleaned grain in to its hopper so there is no need for collecting the harvested stem together and work it out stationery it now saves from labor and more important from time.

Potato Harvester

Machine is connected to the tractor’s three-point hitch, which is driven by its own wheel,The movement which is obtained from the wheel transmission is sent to the mechanism is transmitted from the moving belt bucket-wheel transmission mechanism. Potato tubes pass through the buckets on the band get the potatoes on them. Tubes with buckets only keep vibration mechanism is provided. Digging tubes with a scratch-standard distances left leg started. The scratch wings closed by the closure over the tubers. A marker assembly takes place on the machine which works by means of a hydraulic piston assembly on the machine.

Reversible traditional plow

Our product is designed to plow the subsoil to a depth of 8-14 inches and 15-20 inches laterally. The plow can easily work in rocky and stony areas covered with plant roots. The plow cannot be damaged when any kind of obstavle is easily removed in the field. Compliant with international standarts, the mounting system for our plows can be attached to any brand of tractor. The plow can be made from 2 to 6 moldboards. The upper part of the plow is made of a special material, the automation and the surfaces in contact with the ground are reinforced with a reinforcing system. The plow does not accumulate dirt and can be cleaned easily by scraping.

Rotary (Disc) Mower

Disc Mower Conditioner Type chops every type of grass herbs or different pasture plants with a high speed. The discs are very close to the ground, thus it raises the productivity. It crops the herbs in such a way that they can be dried and collected easily. It gets the move from the P.T.O. shaft and makes the chopping by the help of knives that are turning on the mower. The plant juice is collected from stem with the help of discs. The crop is harvested gently and neatly. The crop processed in the rotary disc is spread on the land bunchily as lines and groups. The drying of the top and bottom levels happen at the same amount of time with the help of air stream occurring because of these bunchy lines. The mowing unit is aligned with the tractor by rotating 90° vertically, so village alleys and bridge passes can be done easily. Helical plate rubber rollers are developed for mowing clover and crop with brittle stems. Rollers harmonize with each other perfectly and run without any vibration. Waxy layer is blown fully by means of the rollers. By this means, the drying time of leaf and stem are equalized.

Rotary (Drum) Mower

The Rotary Drum Grass Mowing machines are connected to tractor via three-point hanging system and get its drive from the PTO at 540 rpm and transmit to the drums through belt pulley. It is a grass mowing machine with free oscillated blades which are on the two drums rotating in reverse to each other with this system to cut green feed plants (clover, grass plants, barley, oat, etc.) being opened by the effect of centrifugal force and leave on the surface of the field in barrel state. The Drum Grass Mowers which are manufactured ideal for all sorts of the farms are designed to use with the tractors having lower and medium horse powers. Leaving the product on the ground in a better barrel state by means of the lower drums be able to rotate idle without damaging especially the wet and bent products using even a very low powered tractor is one of its features. The Grass Mowing machine is protected against the damages which may incur due to some roughness on the field. Thanks to the shock absorbing spring system available in the machine, the machine recovers the shapes according to the field and prevents the damages which the machine may encounter. Thanks to the hydraulic system existed in the machine, mowing at any angle can be achieved.